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                Baosteel group leader to visit my company exchanges

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                On July 10, deputy general manager, zhanjiang iron and steel co., LTD., chairman of baosteel group, zhanjiang steel engineering battalion commander zhou zhao, deputy director liu, baosteel engineering technology group co., LTD. Deputy general manager, engineering equipment, managing Zhang Kena line to henan mine, such as investigation and communication, baosteel zhanjiang project Wang Fengsheng Cui Peijun chairman, general manager of the company leadership and baosteel guests had in-depth communication on both sides of the long-term cooperation and exchanges.

                The chairman Cui Peijun first extended a warm welcome to all guests arrival. He briefly introduced the company profile and corporate development strategy. And said, baosteel group co., LTD. Is a wholly state-owned company, is China's largest and most modern steel joint enterprise. Zhanjiang steel is efficient, competitive world-class carbon steel plate production base, this can cooperate with zhanjiang steel of henan mine is a great trust and encouragement, we sincerely thank you, but also gives us an excellent opportunity to learn and improve.

                The rites of zhou of zhao, deputy general manager of zhanjiang project are introduced and the basic situation of the construction of ideas, and the henan mine business philosophy, corporate culture, product quality is greatly appreciated. He hope in the later long-term cooperation, to strengthen communication, maintain high-level exchanges and establish long-term exchange mechanism; Second, we must strictly the quality, fine production. Third, we need to understand each other, win-win cooperation.

                During the meeting the two sides have I the early stage of the company to undertake the crane manufacturing progress situation of technical communication, Pan Dianru company vice President said in the report will be in the process of production strictly in accordance with the drawings requirements and national standards seriously the good quality. Grasp this opportunity, the careful design, the careful management, make with meticulous care, pass the baosteel zhanjiang project crane production, make enterprises in product design, process of preparation, production and quality control and so on various aspects of a "quality" of the profound changes; With good quality and ensuring, baosteel zhanjiang successfully to complete the project on time.

                The two sides in a sincere and friendly atmosphere of communication and the exchange, zhao, deputy general manager of rites interest, wanting more, xinran for henan mine or her from behind, lifting crown male .

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