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                Henan mine 2014 annual sales work summary and commendation congress victory

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                Golden horse up express polygala, YuYang relay exhibition. The lunar December 26, 2014, henan mine 2014 annual sales work summary and commendation congress was held in the multi-function hall on the group. Wei Zhuang town party secretary li joint, Wang Fengsheng Cui Peijun group chairman, general manager and other leaders, and the company top to the conference site, demag hoisting machinery (Shanghai) co., LTD sales director Yang wei, sanmen nuclear group in weeks total also invited to the conference.

                The party on

                Firstly by the group company sales in 2014 Mr Xue-ming wei, executive vice President job summary, he pointed out that: in 2014, henan mine a year full of challenge. Economic slowdown in China, the market is sluggish, under the situation of structural adjustment, in order to know and adapt to the new normal, henan mine under the condition of the lifting industry is generally low, hard skills, deepen the management, to a sales, production as the center, take the technology as the forerunner, quality as life, play the brand strategy. This year, the business elite and the joint efforts of all staff, the company achieved good results in all respects. Single and double beam crane total number and sales are slightly more than last year. In addition, we enlarge scale, facilities, up the steps, class, has made the north across the double beam workshop and transform beam standardization workshop successfully put into use, the subsequent six even the workshop during the construction of a nervous; Company was awarded the 2014 crane industry only a "national industrial enterprise quality benchmarking enterprise" honorary title. In international and domestic market environment so success, is not easy! True henan mine health steady and sustainable development.

                Back in 2014 in henan mine achieved results, cannot leave each business elite adhere to pay, the company every step forward, is etched with the sweat and dedication of the business managers. Is you hold in the company at the forefront of sales, summer heat, winter cold, travel day and night, eight party, gram difficult exclusion, go forward. Henan mine are today, it is your company all the way, is your trust and commitment, we only have power, dream and hope. We hand in hand with each other, trust each other, win-win, warm can make henan mine in adversity, showing a vitality.

                Finally he said, in 2015, henan mine will deepen the reform, strengthen management, improve quality, improve service, the internal work practice, to meet the challenge. Company is willing to work with business managers to cast sincere lixin, sincere cooperation, mutual benefit and win-win results. To be more perfect our incentive mechanism, realize the life value of the business elite, henan mine win-win goal.

                Speak to Mr. Group company xue-ming wei, executive vice President

                Wei Zhuang town party secretary li joint for a speech, he first to the general business manager and the company all staff to extend season's blessing, and said: the large taxpayer mines as changyuan county of henan province, in terms of job creation, public welfare undertakings have made a positive contribution, has realized the chairman Mr Cui Peijun "benefit the native place, service society" business goals, Wei Zhuang township government will actively provide convenient conditions for the development of henan mine. Support henan mine make greater contributions in terms of industry transformation and upgrading.

                Mr Wei Zhuang town party secretary li joint for a speech

                Demag hoisting machinery (Shanghai) co., LTD sales director Yang wei as a special guest in a speech, he first of all thank you for invited to participate in the summary commendation congress, and said: henan mine with its good reputation, excellent product quality, pioneering and innovative enterprise concept to attract their signed a strategic cooperation relations with demag, believe that cooperation between the two sides will bear the fruits of victory.

                The chairman Mr Cui Peijun with members of the board of directors to a toast

                Chairman Mr Cui Peijun special emphasis on filial piety, he said the company in 2015 will be to strengthen the construction of filial piety culture, employees will continue to be amply rewarded for filial piety, filial piety culture in henan mine is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, continue to carry forward. Stars for the recognition of filial piety, chairman hand-picked gift (ring and necklace), to take the lead in terms of filial piety of 20 business manager.

                The conference with a six awards, respectively: the best five-star labor model, such as labor model, outstanding contribution model, first-class labor model, second class model, the model. Invited more than 1200 business elite, with a total of 113 by recognition.

                Company leaders for the recognition of the business elite

                After the award, the company for the leaders, guests and business elite gave a wonderful evening party.

                Four presenter

                Singer Rao Tianliang

                Dance spun

                Singer Li Xiaojie

                Host and actress what

                Singer Ye Beiwen

                Singer Gege

                The leaders, guests, and company leaders to take picture with actors

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