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                In April, 2015, our company organization thousands employees parents Tours to sh

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                April 16-22, 2015, the company organization staff parents Tours to shaanxi for seven days, the parents group more than 1100 employees, more than 20 luxurious coach at the same time. Since the company since its inception, one step at a time, and practice of corporate "filial piety culture", advocating "filial piety, benevolence, win-win" spirit of culture, filial piety culture has infiltrated every employee's heart.

                The company culture square

                A marching team, majestic, spectacular

                "The Yellow River a pot of" hukou waterfall

                Yan 'an revolutionary memorial hall


                Runs incense to worship ancestors, please

                Wild goose pagoda, the largest music fountain square in Asia

                In possession of shakyamuni Buddha bone sarira famen temple

                The qian tomb

                Emperor qinshihuang terracotta warriors

                HuaQing palace Yang statue

                Henan mine group Feng Shicang shaanxi branch manager in corporation organization after parents one thousand employees to shaanxi tourism group, by which a company practice of filial piety culture, to promote filial piety, moved by the spirit of his initiative to contact the tour group, and to participate in the tourism employees parents bought more than ten boxes of milk to condolences.

                Ming city wall
                Datang furong garden ziyun floor

                Bell tower


                Henan mine group parents one thousand employees group shaanxi tour ended, we will continue to practice filial piety culture, exalt filial piety, unswervingly implement the "filial piety, benevolence, and win-win" corporate values.

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