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                Our company is a member of China Crane Association and vice chairman company of China Heavy Machinery Association. It owns the production licenses of electric hoist, single & double-girder crane, the safety of the approval certificate of manufacturing, installation and maintenance, the safety approval certificate of the manufacturing of 320T bridge crane, portal crane and 280Tcasting crane.
                The company has passed the quality system certification of GB/T19001 -2008/IS09001:2008, the environmental management system certification of GB/T24001-2004/ISO14001:2004 and the occupational health and safety management system certification GB/T28001-2001.
                We have a sound quality assurance system and strict management system, strong production capacity and advanced detection means on the one hand to ensure high quality and high outputs the products, on the other hand to own strong market competitiveness. Our products are the key protective products in Henan Province. "Mineral resources" crane is one of the brands in the CCTV brand list and has been awarded "China top ten crane brand". It is rated as "Well-known products" and "Famous brand products in Henan Province" by Administration for Industry and Commerce of Henan Province. "Mineral resources" brand was awarded "Famous trademark of Henan province" in 2007 and "China well-known trademark" in 2009.
                Our company was rated as "Defend the contract and value the credit", "Advanced quality management company", "Advanced measurement work company", "Advanced technology enterprise" and other more than 130 honors. Henan Mine Crane Co., LTD is the "Star enterprise", "Top 50 industrial enterprises" in Henan province and it won "Quality prize of the mayor of Xinxiang City" in 2011 whose comprehensive strength in same industry ranked the third in China.